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Malaika Triangle

is proudly South African Black Women owned and run (B-BBEE Level 1) that is based in Kriel, Mpumalanga. It was founded in 2012 by Mrs Chantelle Brown. It is a combination of her respective experience in the industry that culminated into this wonderful entity.
Mrs. Brown’s experience started when she started working at Coal Mines in various positions from working at the Stores, receiving and issuing, stocktaking and binning. She also has worked on the SAP system that led to her expertise in solving problems for suppliers. As part of her duties she also did daily reports and later became in charge of Matla Mine 3 Stores.
Since then, she worked for a private company and she worked closely with Mining Officials, Supervisors, Artisans and General Labour and excelled in Time sheets control, Invoicing control and Financial Control.

Mining Conventional Methods:

  • Cut Drilling and Blasting
  • Continuous miners and methods
  • Continuous miners
  • Roof support

General Mining Standards

  • Stone dust and barriers
  • Dust suppression
  • Ventilation construction and maintenance
  • Installation of conveyor structures surface and underground


    • Maintenance to Plant conveyor trunk/structure and to Underground conveyor trunks/structure.
    • This includes replacing structure and level/line of it.
    • Sweeping/Cleaning of plant conveyor belts/drive and of underground conveyor belts/drives.
    • We also do pulley lagging and hot/cold splicing to conveyor belts.
    • We also cater for dust suppression by means of applying stone dust by hand or by bantam.
    • Design and install inline/transfer point chute.
    • Repair/replace of wearing plate and liner plate.
    • Fabrication/installing of drive and tail end structures.
    • Supply and install all piping-Steel piping, HDPE piping, etc.
    • Refurbishment of mining equipment.
    • Reclaiming of conveyor belt/structure and cables.
    • Reclaiming of scrap metal underground.
    • Civil construction.
    • Buying/supplying of new and used conveyor belt.
    • Supplying of conveyor idlers of all sizes.

Mining supplies:

  • Surface and Underground greasing contracts
  • Oslo strap for special support
  • Conveyor belt structures surface and underground
  • Supplying of mine utility equipment and tools

Malaika Triangle (PTY) LTD


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